Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, we primarily invest in the Western U.S., pursuing opportunities in which we can use specific market knowledge to our competitive advantage.

Primary geographic market


We pursue investments in which we have exceptional market knowledge, opportunity-related information or relationships that create opportunities and provide a competitive advantage.

At the time each investment is made, we structure the investment in a manner that controls exposure to certain types of risk and anticipates an effective and ultimately profitable liquidation of the investment.

  • Proprietary Deal Access:

    We pursue investment leads that are often outside of traditional auctions or competitive processes. We capitalize on the extensive network of relationships of our management team to source opportunites that are frequently on an exclusive or semi-exclusive basis. Additionally, we generate off-market opportunites by proactively approaching lenders and property owners with proposals informed by superior market information.
  • Local Presence and Knowledge:

    We rely on our team's collective expertise and deal-specific insights to distinguish opportunities with the highest probabilities of significant capital appreciation. We focus on opportunities in which our specific market insights and local knowledge make a material impact. Additionally, our team has successfully navigated local regulatory, tax, and business issues that arise during the acquisition, holding, or disposition of real estate in our target market.
  • Effective Structuring:

    We draw upon our team's extensive real estate experience to develop and negotiate optimal acquisition terms and strategies. These techniques have enabled us to satisfy seller objectives, while optimizing transaction financing and minimizing down-side risk.
  • Disciplined Investment Process:

    We undertake comprehensive due diligence prior to each investment, which includes a thorough, systematic review of enumerated asset-specific criteria. We believe this systematic approach differentiates our investment strategy from financial arbitrageurs, who primarily focus on macroeconomic factors.